Game Changing Activity for the Steel Industry

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Steel ProductionA new, forward looking steel production company is attracting a lot of attention and investment due to its innovative approach. Founded in 2020, H2 Green Steel, has pioneered a method of producing steel using hydrogen. This is a far greener way of producing steel as it emits 95% less CO2 than traditional processes. This not only benefits the environment in general, but is highly advantageous to developers. This is because, in order to get the go ahead for new build projects these days, there has to be a major effort to reduce emissions. The fossil fuel free steel production will reduce the carbon content of some building materials by 45%.

H2 Green Steel (H2GS) intends to produce five million tonnes of this steel annually by the year 2030. The H2GS production process uses hydrogen as an alternative to coke and coal, delivering a product that is almost totally free of CO2. Usually, the production of one tonne of steel emits over two tonnes of CO2, whereas the new method will only produce less than 0.1 tonne of CO2.

Electricity generated from hydropower and wind power produces electrolysis, which then creates the green hydrogen gas. The large scale hydrogen steel production plant will be constructed in Sweden. The start of production is expected to be 2024, with production escalating to the target of five million tonnes per year by 2030. This is exciting news for many within the building industry, as it is one of the biggest contributors to the carbon emissions problem. There have been concerted efforts over the last decade, aimed at encouraging the construction industry to adopt a more open minded approach where technology is concerned. There have been some excellent advancements made, such as the emergence of modular construction.

Only radical thinking, and a determination to transform our way of doing things will achieve the desired results. Steel Quick believe that efforts to decarbonise the steel industry, and support sustainable economic development must be applauded.

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